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DOLPH is a not-for-profit visual arts project based in Streatham Hill, south London, run by two artists, Paul Cole and Natasha Kahn.

DOLPH aims to engage with artists, the public and neighbouring community by staging thought-provoking exhibitions and talks that explore the vagaries and complexities of contemporary art practice.

We put on six exhibitions a year. Each show features a single artist. One evening during the show we ask that the artist give a talk / Q&A in the space.

At DOLPH we set a brief. The brief asks artists to be generous because what we are asking of them is intrusive. We ask artists to share the personal stuff that is often only hidden away as notes to themselves, to share the idiosyncratic thoughts and influences that inform their later propositions. The decisions that litter the pathway towards completing a piece of work can be as intriguing as the work itself. And from an artist's perspective, it’s fascinating to see how others go about their craft. 

The Brief

The artist's objective is to frame an exhibition that contextualises the interests and concerns driving their practice. 

Their task is to tell the story of what makes them tick. To share their inspirations and influences, and present them in an intriguing, cohesive exhibition. How the artist does this is up to them. They set their own terms. They are their own curators.

Their aim is to create an exhibition that is both revealing and challenging. To conceive a show that offers a rare insight into their creative process and affords the opportunity for greater understanding of their practice.