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illusion is not the opposite of reality, Sigmar Polke, painting, constructing, my construct, photography, hinges, borders,
David Lynch, Nancy Spero, Haus-Rucker-Co, Horror Films (older ones)...

Magritte (The Human Condition), editing, looking, cropping, recording, morphology and function, appearance and conception, Barnaby Hosking, Claude Lorrain, John Berger...

Lars von Trier, Merz Barn (Celia and Ian), status, inside/outside, storytelling, Doris Lessing, Scandi Noir...

authentification, memory, artifice, image as equivalent with reality, Albert Camus (The Outsider), pubs, conversations in pubs, Edinburgh Rock, Irn-bru, Keith Arnatt...

Rauschenberg, Painters’ Painting, Per Kirkeby, making, hierarchies, social constructs, social justification, language, dialectics, political terminology – Liberal Elite?!, inevitability of outcomes, tangibility of painting, Eilidh Crumlisch, education...

opposites, removing oppositional thinking, communication, Nietzsche, totem poles, cylinders, stepping stones, islands...

figure in the landscape, painting, nature/landscape, art as
site of experience, Scotland, anywhere, Dasein, viewpoints (personal and physical), Werner Herzog (Heart of Glass), trees, mountains, lochs, rivers,Casper David Friedrich, Roger Kelly telling me I should look at the Sublime...

Illusion is not the opposite
of reality

Rock Face




Wall (Lodge 8)


Alice Wilson

Exhibition Images

September 2017

Alice Wilson 2017