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The current series of work I’m making is to torture and functionalise a group of failed paintings from 2004-2005. So far I have updated paintings into a remote control car, an ashtray, a postcard, a firework display, an electric guitar, a candlestick and a cat scratching toy. There are 39 paintings in total. At DOLPH I will have on show the Cat Scratcher and the Electric Guitar. While I’m there I’m also turning the space into my studio for the duration of the show. I’ll be making ‘Hamster Studio’, a hamster cage with a model artist’s studio in it, sitting on top of a painting. In addition to this, I’m making bookshelves to house slices of my collection of art books – of moments in art history that have been pivotal to me like Periode Vache, late Guston, James Ensor and the grotesque.

Luke Gottelier

Exhibition Images
'Electric Guitar' Film Clip

March 2015

Luke Gottelier 2015