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David Blandy &

Larry Achiampong

May 2015

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Media Minerals takes the raw materials of our Finding Fanon film into a space, presenting everything but the ‘final work’. We collected hundreds of images, built thousands of words of writing, and generated hours of audio, all of which were whittled down to less than a hundred images, a soundtrack to accompany the 15-minute film and 900 words in the script.

Several films inspired the final edit: a brainwashing scene from the 70’s conspiracy thriller, Parallax View; a montage from Spike Lee’s Bamboozled; the voiceover and low-fi sci-fi of Chris Marker’s La Jetée and Sans Soleil; and John Akomfrah’s Portrait of Professor Stuart Hall in The Stuart Hall Project.

Through all of this we are seeking to decipher a shared history, a turbulent saga in many ways, and also attempting to envisage a future. Not by the erasure of history’s events, but through some tentative form of understanding.

Here are some media minerals, mined from our collective memory bank. Check your signifier.

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy 2015