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Alan Magee

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I know what makes me angry… and well… that’s a good start.


Apart from that there’s Everything.


So what’s presented here is as much about a search as an answer – although it is both. What I mean by that is that it is a response to the DOLPH brief and it is a show about the DOLPH brief.


I could have made a Tate reading shelf, angled, with a little lip to hold books that I think are pivotal; or hung an image of the first artwork I remember. I could have curated a coherent and linear show of my work, illustrating how it’s developed and shifted; or made a quasi C.S.I Find-The-Killer string, map and image wall.


So what’s here is not quite everything, but a nod to everything. People that I know, and like, are represented on one wall. Both selective and non-exclusive, it’s all about the people, and not (right here and now) about their work. You’re on the wall? ... Maybe we speak daily, or maybe it was one conversation, that you’ve long forgotten but lives on in my head.


Lives-on-in-my-head… This takes us to the drawings; exorcisms, on-going and enjoyable effort.

Click-Clack-Clack… Finally that sound, endless, repetitive and almost identical each time – but not quite. What’s in a work? Again, Everything.



Special Guest Stars

Larry Achiampong, Jeremy Akerman, SE Barnett, Anna Freeman Bentley, Sarah Bernhardt, David Blandy, Hannah Brown, Gary Colclough, Paul Cole, collectif_fact (Claude Piguet, Annelore Schneider), Ben Cove, Anne-Marie Creamer, Rosalind Davis, Aukje Dekker, Kristian De La Riva, Marie d’Elbee, Patricia Ellis, Nooshin Farhid, Levin Haegele, Atsuhide Ito, Andrea Jespersen, Natasha Kahn, Xenofon Kavvadias, Matthew Krishanu, Peter Liversidge, Brian Magee, Dan Mitchell, Megan Montgomery, Philip Newcombe, Fay Nicolson, Keh Ng, Susie Pentelow, Matt Stock, Karen Tang, Kate Terry, Ehryn Torrell, Andy Wicks, Ben Woodeson, Mela Yerka.

January 2015

Alan Magee 2014