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Philip Newcombe

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November 2014

Whether or not I have approached this brief the right way or not is still up for grabs. Right now I'm thinking probably not. In two hours' time I will probably think that I have. It's hard to say. The very claim that these are 'not to be a series of solo exhibitions' is problemmatic as they invariably are and will be, by default, when inviting one person to attempt such a proposal as what DOLPH have in mind.

When asked 'to be generous' it is sometimes a natural response to recoil. I think art is generous. It's not necessarily chocolate cake. It could just be a lit match.

To 'frame an exhibition...contextualise interests...' I went through many possibilities of how this could be done and wanted to move away from what I first thought which was to show a selection of 'things' that had influenced me (whatever that means) but this was way too weird and self-indulgent, so I decided to ask two artists, Rob Leech and Mathew Sawyer, and to call on the spirit of Kim Novak to add to a small 2-week show in November that is a sort of state of mind as opposed to a history lesson and that is trying to put out something that I am thinking about now as opposed to what I was listening to in 1985.

Being the guinea pig for DOLPH has been a true head f**k. Is it 'right'? Is it 'wrong'? Have I completely missed the mark? Have I thought too much about it? Who knows. I hope not. But anything that rattles the brain like a brief like this has legs. It's not easy. Or maybe it is. I dont know.

Philip Newcombe 2014